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THE NEW FIX AUDIO IMMERSIVE CONSOLE INSTALLED INTO VALHALLA STUDIOS, AUBURN, NY. Features 7.1 panning on the floor and 4 channels on the ceiling, with 8) additional sends for objects. Capable of mixing and monitoring up to 24 channels, Stereo, LCRS, 5.1, 7.1, 9.1, 11.1, 19.2, etc.

Andy Hong and Reid Shippen have purchased a 24 input FIX console for Nashville!!!

FIX Audio Designs will be delivering a 64 input IMMERSIVE console to Valhalla Studios, Auburn NY, with 7.1 panning on the floor including mid-surround, and quad panning for the ceiling.

Fix Audio Designs is please to announce another FIX CONSOLE SALE, to Pete Weiss of Verdant Studios for a custom 16 channel console.

Ken and Olive Paul, THE HOME FOR UNLOVED TOYS In LaGrange, IL., It's configured as a 24 input channel, 3 stereo bus, With the Grand Master in the center, 1 row of 500 buckets over each channel section and meters only over master. With a total of 7 sections, it will have a Slate MTi in the center section.

Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam for Flyte Tyme Productions at the California studio facility. The console will be used for tracking and summing/mixing along with the dual Slate Raven system installed. Delivery is expected soon after NAMM. The console will have 4) Tonelux MP5A mic preamps, with 3) rack mounted bus compressors built in, for the 3) stereo mix busses included on the console. Wolff’s first console sold under the FIX logo was sold to Gregor Schweiger in Gemany, and consisted of a 64 input surround console, with over 140) 500 series module slots.

Check out the first single from JAKUBI mixed on the FIX:


An Infinitely adjustable and expandable frame design that can be set at just about any angle.

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Fix Console Spec Sheet pdf



One stormy night, after a few scotches, Ryan Hewitt said
"We need a Blender", so I went over to the cabinet.., He said "No, I mean a blender for parallel blending".

Blending a Compressor or Equalizer with the original or “DRY” signal adds a lot to the sound of a track. The combination of the two signals can add fatness to an instrument like a bass or whole drum kit while retaining the punch.

Blender Spec Sheet pdf

The Fix Doubler

...delivers textures and extraordinary richness to vocals and polyphonic instruments.

The Fix Doubler sounds like the singer cloned themselves and is singing along with the original vocal. It uses techniques that are unique and the sound is so musical. Paul Wolff and Softube have truly come up with a brilliant new plugin.

Greg Wells, Producer and songwriter for Katy Perry, Weezer, Adele, Timbaland, Mika, OneRepublic, Pink, The Deftones, Rufus Wainwright, etc.

Both units are very smooth and creamy. Fix Flanger is the first in-the box-flanger that sounds like real old school flanging with a new school twist. And the Fix Doubler adds a wonderful sonic quality and depth.

Ross Hogarth, Multi-Grammy Award winning producer, mixer and engineer for Van Halen, Keb 'Mo' R.E.M. and Ziggy Marley.

Like Paul's other stuff, it just works great right out of the box. I used the Fix Flanger on a pedal steel and I used the Doubler on a background vocal and it all worked great. Really smooth and realistic. 

Bob Dawson, Twice Grammy Award winner and multiple times Grammy nominee.

INCREDIBLE Plugins! Elegant, Simple and AMAZING! So far used it on 6 mixes and the Doubler ALWAYS made the cut! Needed this years ago...

Ron Harris, Producer (Christina Aguilera)




The Fix Flanger

The sound of classic tape flanging, with extreme control and flexibility.
Unprecedented hands-on VSO control, with servo motor bounce emulation


The Fix Flanger just sounds right. It's not artificial or cold, it's full and inviting. The Fix Doubler has a magic way of making stuff bigger, especially in the stereo field, in a way nothing else does.

Reid Shippen, Seven times Grammy Award winner. Reid has mixed, engineered, and/or produced music for Death Cab for Cutie, Shania Twain and Jonas Brothers.

Fix Flanger and Doubler are the most analog sounding flanging plug-ins I've ever tried. I own several of the classic units, but having the extra control as a digital plug-in has made me an addict.

Rafa Sardina, Twelve times Grammy and Latin Grammy winning (49 nominations!) producer/mixer/engineer for Stevie Wonder, Elvis Costello, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson and countless others.

The Fix Flanger captures all the best characters of tape- and digital hardware flanging. The Regenerate feature is dynamic but always controllable and the VSO features makes it truly unique. This makes it the perfect tool for drum flanging effects.

Joe Chiccarelli, Mixer/Engineer/Producer for Beck, U2, The Strokes, Elton John, etc.


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